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    Luzhou Bu

    about us

    Founded in 1985, Zhejiang Weihua Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a hi-tech enterprise of China, 3-good enterprise of Zhejiang province and a leading enterprise of Dongyang city, with technical development, production and trade as main activities. Our wholly-owned subsidiaries include Zhejiang Dongyang Xinghua Chemical Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd., and Dongyang Weihua Refrigeration Material Co., Ltd. , Zhejiang Weihua New Material Stock Co., Ltd. are the share-holding subsidiaries of our company. We are striving to be a group enterprise. Covering an area 667,000sqm, over 350 employees (40% of them are technicians, 12 are professors and senior engineers). There are leading equipments and analysis inspection apparatus, a Green chemical technology innovation research & development center of Zhejiang province and an enterprise technical center of Zhejiang province in our company, and we have successfully certificated to ISO9001: 2008  quality system and ISO14001: 2004 EMS, and passed the authentication of Zhejiang province for clean production. Moreover, we have carried out dozens of R&D projects of province and ministry, research projects of city and technical reforming projects; up to now, we have applied 11 invention patents, and 8 of them are approved (including one patent of USA).

    Our main products are fluorine containing aromatic intermediates, toluene chlorides and new refrigerants. Especially, we are one of largest manufacturers in China for benzotrifluoride serial products, the quality can exceed the Chinese standard and meet the leading international standards; and they are well-received and highly appraised by customers in EU, USA and Southeast Asia.

    Our wholly-owned subsidiary——Zhejiang Dongyang Xinghua Chemical Co., Ltd. can produce 20,000 tons of chlorotoluene and 5,000 tons of dichlorotoluene every year, it supplies stable materials for our productions.

    Our wholly-owned subsidiary——Jiangxi Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd. covers an area of 146,740sqm and can produce 10,000 tons of benzotrifluoride serial products every year.

    Our share-holding subsidiary—-Dongyang Weihua Refrigeration Material Co., Ltd. annually can produce 50,000 tons of “Weihua Refrigeration" series of products.

    There is a mind-opening and studying managing team working for our company now, they are skilled in the modern enterprise management. Their working style is "Unity, To be enterprising, To be real and practical, Openness and Innovation". Basing on the honest business, they are looking forward to cooperating with friends all over the world for bright tomorrow.